What is one nation one msp on dbt 2021

one nation one msp on dbt: This is the Scheam which help us to the farmer in Rabi season wheat procurement.

According to this Scheam the Government of India Provided MSP ( Minimum support Price)to the farmers in the form of DBT ( Direct bank transfer )to farmers bank account.It offers support prices for Indian farmers.

DBT Full Form or DBT Govt payment

DBT (Direct bank transfer) program Government of India Started 1 June 2013 which need support Citizens of India.

According to this program Government Provided Subsidys like wise we know Students Scholarship, LPG Subsidy, Dhanalakshmi Scheme,Janani Suraksha Yojana money will be directly transfer to the Beneficiaries.

MSP( Minimum Support Price)

According to MSP is an agricultural products Price Goverment of India Set parchasing directly from the farmers.

This program is transparent .why ? because the middle man or agents are without involve,so that Farmers are benifited this scheme.

what are the benifit One nation,One msp,one Dbt

  • Money will directly transfer to the farmers bank account.
  • All Indian farmers get benefit for Growing crop.
  • If any loss occur in agriculture Goverment will Support to reinstall.

what are the did advantage One nation,One msp,one Dbt

  • Middle man or Agents will not get benefit for this program.
  • This program is directly help farmer any business not included.

What is the Government Said:-

In tweet Said that in Punjab this program is applicable and money is directly transfer to the bank account.

This is the program launched Prime minister of India Shree Narendra Modi, help us to Indian farmers and improving the Indian economy in agriculture field.

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