The fruit of Jamun, which is rich in medicinal properties!!

Fruit of Jamun:Jamun is not just a delicious fruit. This nutritious fruit is also known for its medicinal properties. Its consumption helps in many types of diseases.

Jamun is grown all over India. Its scientific name is Syzygium Cumini. It comes in the Myrtaceae family. Jamun is green to oval in shape and turns pink to dark red (like black) when ripe. Jamun fruits range in size from 1.5 cm to 3.5 cm. This purple colored fruit has a mixture of sweet and sour taste.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University, Samastipur Professor (Plant Pathology) and Associate Director Research Principal Investigator, All India Coordinated Research Project (Fruit) Dr SK Singh had a special conversation with TV9 Bharatvarsh and gave information about the special properties of Jamoon.

When the fruit of Jamun is eaten, it leaves a purple color on the tongue. Jamun fruit contains citric acid, jambocin, phenol, organic acids, triterpenoids, oleanolic acid, essential oils, flavonoids and ellagic acid, anthocyanins and tannins. Jamun fruits contain a large amount of nutrients.

Fruit of Jamun Berries are found in many nutrients

The following nutrients are present in 100 grams of Jamun fruit. Energy – 251 g, Carbohydrate – 14 g, Dietary fiber – 0.6 g, Fat – 0.23 g; Protein – 0.995 g, Vitamin E, Thiamine (B1)- (2%) 0.019 mg, Riboflavin- (B2) (1%) 0.009 mg, Niacin (B3)- (2%) 0.245 mg, Vitamin B6 – (3%) 0.038 mg, Vitamin C- (14%) 11.85 mg, Mineral- Calcium- (1%) 11.65 mg, Iron- (11%) 1.41 mg, Magnesium- (10%) 35 mg, Phosphorus- ( 2%) 15.6 mg, potassium- (1%) 55 mg, sodium- (2%) 26.2 mg, water- 84.75 g etc.

In China, berries are used for various treatments, especially diabetes and digestive problems. Indians spread Jamun abroad. Due to its wide range of uses and in spite of the increase in the price, the demand of this fruit has increased manifold from the last years. Although 10 years ago today it was not considered as universal. Today everyone especially the diabetic patients know very well the importance of Jamun.

Jamun also has some medicinal properties, which it is important for you to know. In such a situation, we are mentioning some special properties of Jamun.

controlling diabetes

Jamun has a wonderful ability to help diabetic patients. Especially patients with type II diabetes, which is related to unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise and high consumption of sugary foods. Jamun has a low glycemic index due to its low glucose content. The glycemic index is an indicator of how a food will affect your blood sugar.

Jamun fruit being low in glycemic index is a healthy snack for people with type II diabetes. This fruit maintains your blood sugar level while providing the necessary nutrition to your body. This benefit of jamun is also present due to the oleanolic acid contained in the fruit. Oleanolic acid is scientifically known to have anti-diabetic properties.

It improves insulin response, biosynthesis, signaling and secretion, the chemicals responsible for lowering your blood sugar by converting glucose in your blood into energy. It also prevents complications of diabetes by slowing down the process of both sugar and lipid accumulation in the blood. The symptoms of diabetes like excessive urination, excessive thirst and hunger, etc., are beneficial in all the symptoms of diabetes by consuming jamun fruit regularly. Diabetic patients also use powder made from Jamun seeds. Almost all the medicines in homeopathic to manage diabetes are made from Jamun.

Fruit of Jamun Helps in managing heart diseases

Doctor SK Singh is telling in the information based on research that the fruit of jamun contains an element called triterpenoid which acts as a blocker of cholesterol in our body. Triterpenoids prevent and slow down the accumulation and production of cholesterol in our body. It is especially beneficial and provides many benefits for people who are prone to heart disease.

This blockage will reduce the risk of complication of heart disease and prevent healthy person from getting fat easily in their blood, which can later lead to atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems.

An important medicine for digestive diseases

Based on the compilation of different research, Dr. Singh says that Jamun can be the best solution for digestive diseases. It has been proven that its purple color has amazing positive effects on digestive problems, such as ulcers and diarrhea. Due to its antibacterial properties, jamun helps protect your digestive system from infection, reducing the risk of severe diarrhea or appendicitis. It prevents constipation in your body and also helps in normal bowel movement.

When we eat jamun, it increases the production of saliva in the mouth, which makes it more digestible in the stomach. If black salt and roasted cumin powder are used while eating jamun fruit, then it can help in reducing gastric and acidic substances in the body. Digestive problems are also overcome by drinking jamun juice with curd.

increase the production of hemoglobin

Iron plays an important role in blood cells. It is responsible for the formation of hemoglobin, the main aspect of blood. Blood surrounds your body and nourishes all our cells as well as oxygen which acts as fuel for the cell’s metabolism. Hemoglobin acts as a binder for the oxygen in our blood cells. A good healthy blood cell should be able to bind oxygen effectively. Jamun fruit provides a source of iron which aids in the production of healthy blood cells. Apart from this, iron also contributes in purifying our blood.

to help with bleeding hemorrhoids

Drinking jamun juice proves to be effective in the treatment of hemorrhagic piles also. It can also treat a hardened vein that is prone to rupture. Thus jamun has become a good home remedy for the treatment of piles.

Keeps skin free from diseases

Doctor Singh says that more attention is needed now on its medicinal properties. Fruit is a good source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to have an amazing effect on the skin. It has been proven to brighten and lighten the skin. Along with its antioxidant properties, it also helps ward off free radicals and produce a protein called collagen that prevents early ageing. It also aids in better skin regeneration and improved skin texture. Applying Jamun seed powder on the skin reduces the blemishes.

Aids in keeping the liver healthy

The liver is the organ that is responsible for purifying and removing the toxins that enter our body. Liver also secretes bile which is very important in breaking down lipids. Jamun fruit as a powerful blood purifying agent indirectly helps in maintaining a healthy liver, thus creating a healthy bile, preventing from excessive lipid accumulation that leads to fatty liver, obesity, atherosclerosis and other health problems can.

Fruit of Jamun importance of berries in dental care

Vitamin C present in the fruit of Jamun has proved to be effective in the care of teeth. The property of vitamin C in healing wounds, has been proven to stop bleeding gums. The antibacterial properties of jamun also help in removing the bacteria that can invade and damage our teeth. The juices present in Jamun also get rid of the problem of bad breath.

Fruit of Jamun Used Sore throat and cough treatment

Other properties of vitamin C found in jamun fruit are also applicable in treating sore throat and preventing severe cough and cold. It improves our body’s ability to heal wounds and prevent infections that cause sore throat and cough. Along with this Vitamin C also acts as an anti-histamine which is known to treat allergic reaction, thus preventing common cold.

Fruit of Jamun Improves immunity of the body

In addition to treating sore throats and maintaining good skin, vitamin C has also been proven to boost our immune system, thereby improving our body’s defenses against infections from viruses and bacteria, while also helping us normally There is also more energy available throughout the day.

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