Rice-fish farming system in india rice-fish farming in india

Rice-fish farming system in india:The farmers cultivating paddy can earn double profits in a special way. For this, farmers can do fish farming in the paddy field itself. There is a special method of this type of farming, so that farmers can get benefits.

The farmers cultivating paddy can get a chance to earn double profits. For this, they have to cultivate paddy in a special way. This special type of farming is called Fish-Rice Farming. In this type of farming, along with paddy, fish farming will also be done. With this farmers will not only get the price of paddy, but they will also get benefit from the sale of fish. The special thing is that by raising fish in the paddy field, its yield will also be good.

At present, this type of cultivation is done in China, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand. In many areas of India too, farmers are earning double with the help of fish-rice farming. Today we are giving you complete information about this.

Rice-fish farming system in india:What is fish-rice farming system?

In this type of farming, fish farming is also done in the water stored in the paddy crop. In this way, farmers earn twice as much from the sale of paddy and fish. If farmers want, they can prepare fish culture before paddy. Apart from this, farmers can also buy fish culture if they want. The yield of fish can be found at the rate of 1.5 to 1.7 kg per hectare per season. The production of fish also depends on the method of cultivation, species and its management.

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Why is the fish-rice system better?

In this type of farming, fish and other aquatic animals are grown together in the same field. Generally it does not affect the production of paddy also. Fish farming together in the same field also gets rid of many diseases of paddy plants.

Rice-fish farming system in india: what kind of farm is best

For this type of farming, the land with low land is selected. Water is easily collected in this type of field. Also, to prepare the field, one should depend on organic manure. Generally silt soil with medium texture is considered best.

What are the advantages of this type of farming?

Increases soil health and productivity. Earnings increase per unit area. Production cost is less. Requires less form input. There is more than one income source for the farmers. Family income support is available. Full and efficient use of family labor. less cost on chemical fertilizers balanced and nutritious Improvement in the status and livelihood of farmers.

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