Banana production by country India is Number But today!

Despite being number one in production, India lags behind in banana exports. Due to high consumption in India, Banana production by country exports are reduced.

India is developing rapidly in banana cultivation. India has exported 60 metric tonnes of bananas to Iran. According to APEDA, Bananas, Raver Jalgaon have been made through financial assistance of APEDA Common Packhouse and recognized packhouse.

These days the government has started the Cluster Development Program for massive growth in the horticulture sector. Bananas have also been included in this. India produces about 27.5 million tonnes of bananas every year.

Banana production by country India ranks first in the world in terms of banana production. At the same time, China is in second place, where 12 million tonnes of bananas are produced every year.

Banana production by country is top, but behind in exports

Despite being number one in production, India lags behind in banana exports. Due to high consumption in India, exports are reduced. The Philippines, Ecuador and Vietnam export most of the bananas in the world. India is at number four in this matter.

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Bananas are in demand in every season

Banana is an evergreen fruit for us. Many nutrients are found in it. Because of this, the demand for banana always remains in the market. People like to eat banana in every season.

Due to the demand, India have more production , Maharashtra is the largest producer of bananas. Apart from this, a lot of bananas are also produced in Karnataka, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Assam.

Soil needed for banana cultivation

Hot and humid climate is considered best for banana cultivation. Loamy soil is more used for its cultivation. Also, the pH value of the soil should be 6.5 to 7.5.

Improved varieties of banana include Poovan, Nendran, Raskhali, Karpooravali. Apart from this hybrid varieties have CO-1, H-1, H-2, FHI A-1 etc.

Banana production by country Government launched app for farmers

For the convenience of farmers cultivating banana, the government has also launched a mobile app. Through this app, all the information will be available to the farmers at one place.

This will make it easier for the farmers. This app is currently providing services in three languages, if needed, it will be launched in other languages ​​as well.

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